is hotpatterns owned by any of the major sewing pattern companies?


no, hotpatterns is a completely independent, family run business. we design, draft, grade and print all our patterns ourselves. from time to time we may collaborate on a project with another designer or pattern company, but no-one owns a piece of hotpatterns-except us!

why can't i find your patterns in any of the major chain sewing & crafting stores?

at present, we simply don't have the production capacity to supply chains of 200 stores or more. hotpatterns is a small family business-we hold our board meetings at the beach!-and we like it that way. we want to make great sewing patterns, not give ourselves ulcers.

why doesn't my local independant fabric store sell your patterns?

we are a relatively new company-maybe your local independant fabric store hasn't heard about us yet? feel free to tell them about this website and our company.

do you wholesale your patterns?

yes we do, but only to authentic fabric,crafting and sewing stores. if you want more information on our wholesale terms and conditions, please see our 'wholesale' page.

i want to buy a pattern that was on your website, but i can't see it on there anymore. has it been discontinued, and if so, how can i buy one?

if you can't see a particular pattern on your website, that means that it's been discontinued. when we discontinue a pattern, we let our customers know in advance via our newsletter. if there are any excess stocks of these discontinued patterns, they will be sold off either via ebay or here on our website. please note that once the last of these discontinued patterns are sold off, that's it! when they're gone they're gone.

why do you drop styles so quickly?

we don’t! a pattern style will get at least a year on the site, usually two, but the idea behind HotPatterns is to keep styles current and bang up to date with the hottest fashion trends. but there are always those patterns we love and that we feel are timeless, so we may keep them just a little longer, and if we do, they can be found in our 'vintage hotpatterns' collection.

why do you sometimes run out of stock of a pattern?

HotPatterns will only work as a business if we keep our print runs small and keep just a moderate amount of patterns in stock; this enables us to bring out more new styles more often and drop old out of date styles. this sometimes means us temporarily running out of a pattern, however we usually re-stock within a week or so.

where are your patterns printed?

right here in sunny sarasota, florida.

hey, i'm going to be in sarasota soon-can i drop by?

we wish we could meet all our lovely customers, but we don't have a bricks and mortar store, and due to time constraints, we cannot accept visitors at the office. sorry!

where is HotPatterns based ?

HotPatterns office is in sarasota FL.

how long will a pattern style be available for sale on your website?

good question! some of our more classic patterns have been-and will be-around for a while, whereas other more fashion-forward styles have a shorter life. we have no set schedule for discontinuing old patterns or adding new ones, so we suggest that, if you like the look of a particular pattern, get it while you can.

when do you add new styles?

we add new styles every few weeks or so-it's a good idea to bookmark our site and check back often, you don't want to miss out!

how do i know if a pattern is suitable for my skill level?

check out the pattern description-it will tell you if the pattern is suitable for beginners, advanced beginners, intermediate sewers, advanced, or couture level sewers. only you know what skill level you feel comfortable with! but we have to stress,these patterns are not suitable for complete beginners-we assume our customers have at least a basic knowledge of sewing-and they won't teach you how to sew. but if you like a style, and you *think* you can do it-give it a try! we have faith in you...

can i exchange or return a pattern?

if the pattern is unopened and unused, you can return it to us for an exchange or store credit-we don't refund shipping though!

how long will it take for me to recieve my patterns?

our patterns are shipping in the usa using usps priority mail, and internationally using usps international priority mail, so you should recieve your patterns within 14 days in the usa, or 28 days everywhere else in the world. we do try to get your patterns to you as soon as we can, however due to our constantly changing stock position some orders may be delayed-please email us if you need your patterns in a hurry, so we can check the stock position for you!

how do I pay for my patterns?

we take secure online payment by mastercard, visa, american express or debit card. we also take mail orders using checks or money orders-please send these to orders dept, hotpatterns, 810 hammockwood court, sarasota, florida 34232 usa.

does it matter what fabric I use?

Use fabric suitable for the pattern you've chosen. Don't waste your precious tine & effort trying to make a fabric do something it can't.

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