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Well, what would you like to know?

HotPatterns is an independent sewing pattern company, started in 2005, and run by two Londoners who have somehow found themselves living & working in the steamy south west of Florida.

We're a small family business, and we enjoy working hard to create the best high-fashion sewing patterns in the world. We're also very proud to say that all our products are designed and made here in the USA.

Trudy does the designing, pattern drafting and all the creative stuff. She's been in the garment trade for a long long time, and is just a little bit obsessed with fashion. As in, totally obsessed.

Jeremy is the brains of the outfit; he deals with the business side, as well as keeping an eye on the production schedule and making sure that everyone else is working hard!

Trudy & Jeremy work with a small team of helpers, or Folding Fairies as they like to be called, plus random sample makers, pattern testers and anyone else who can be roped in to help!

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